Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lunch Break

So, today I had a few hours to kill and decided to go grab soup and a salad for lunch at Panera. I sat down hoping to get some reading done while I ate only to quickly realize that was not going to happen. I was sitting next to a table of older women late 60's and up I would guess. What were they talking about that had me so distracted? They were discussing one of their Mother's who was there and had just stepped out to smoke. A direct quote from the 60 something daughter was, "Yes the Dr. said he'd rather Mom smoke 2-3 cigarette's a day." To which someone was aghast but the daughter quickly defended her mother and said, "Well, she only really takes a few puffs and then snubs it out."

1. When would a Dr tell you to smoke?
2. When did it become OK to smoke if you were only taking a few drags and then snubbing it out a few times a day?

The mother walked back in and said, "Now I feel better". Which saddened me further. I get it, I know it's a personal choice. I was a smoker and most of the men in my family smoke. Nothing I'm not familiar with. Just struck a chord.

Oh the the icing on the story, the woman who was smoking had just had a heart attack and because no one was around DROVE HERSELF TO THE HOSPITAL! Ahhhhh!!

THEN to make matters 'worse' they began down a road of discussing who was 'sicker' or had more ailments. Who was on more medications and who was visiting whom in the hospital. One lady then grabbed her phone and called the hospital to find out if her friend was still there as she wanted to visit.

Listening to all this made me very aware how I want to be the exact opposite of this. I DO NOT want to be sitting in a restaurant discussing how many meds I'm on...etc..etc...I don't want my kids caring for me, wiping my ass, visiting me in the hospital/nursing home. It just reinforces why I train so hard. So, at least I can say I tried my damnedest to stay well!