Thursday, February 28, 2013

Anti-juicing and 6 days and counting

So, if you don't know me very well you won't know I am anti-juicing.  (Juicing with a machine, extracting the juice from fruits and veggies).  Why?  Well not too long ago a mentor and wise man said that people may want to default to juicing however you have to be careful to not over consume calories as it would be easy to do.  If you sat on a plate everything you would put in a juicer to drink, would you sit down and eat all that food in one sitting?  Very valid points I believe. 
Hamilton Beach Juicer

But, we all have moments I believe (at least those of us whose jobs involve nutrition, supplementation, and exercise mixed with the above) where we question everything, test everything, just to see what will happen.  So, I bought a juicer.  Thank you Amazon.  Thank you Hamilton Beach.  The reason I decided to go with a juicer is purely because I will be laid up for so long and I do not want to subsist on crackers alone.  I want to pack my body with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will help me recover as fast as possible, as well as ease constipation.  I am taking a stool softener, however I am still nervous about the first...uh MOVEMENT after surgery, much like I was nervous each time just post having a baby. 

J also reminded me of an awesome documentary we saw called "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead".  If you haven't seen it, it is so worth every minute of your time and is related to juicing. 
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

So, got the juicer tonight and washed it and gave it a test run post dinner.  I made a green lemonade.  Sounded gross...but believe it or not wasn't.  It was 2 apples, 1/2 lemon, 2 cups baby spinach, 1 c cucumber ( I think that's it).  We all took a sip, and everyone liked it.  We made a few others by just chucking in stuff that didn't go over as well.  Think I'll stick to recipes for now.  I feel so full.  That glass of juice was like swallowing a brick.  I'll be full 'til the morning.

I don't intend to make this a new way of life for me, but will give it a shot off and on for a few weeks.  Worse case I sell the thing. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weather Reschedule

So the winter storm that rolled in last night got my surgery rescheduled :( I did not realize how ramped up I was about my surgery until it got cancelled. Thankfully the nurse was awesome and got me rescheduled for the 7th.

So it's another week of gym and getting ahead in my class.

Friday, February 22, 2013

3 days and counting

I don't know how the time has slipped by but it is Friday and day 2 of a snow day (no work, no school for anyone).  I have about 3-1/2 days until surgery and I couldn't be more excited.  The weather hasn't allowed us to get to the gym so I'm a little bit antsy.  This morning before getting out of bed I did 75 crunches.  We ran and got groceries and then helped the kiddos sled ride.  J took a tube and went down a hill only to hit small boulders and a tree, so I opted to not follow him and risk a broken arm that may impede getting my Tummy Tuck on TUESDAY!

Off to make some dinner, pancetta pasta sauce a new favorite of mine from Giadia DeLaurentis and then Twisted Shepherds Pie with a side of roasted zucchini and garlic roasted Brussels sprouts, both favorites of the girls.

Pasta with Pancetta and Tomato Sauce on the Food Network

Pasta with Pancetta and Tomato Sauce on the Food Network

Thursday, February 21, 2013

ICE and homework

So, I started working toward my Master's in December and am in my second class which goes through my surgery.  I have a tough professor who is a stickler for details so I hope I can pull this off while I am laid up.  Fortunately for me the weather has cancelled school and work all around today so we are all at home.  I plan to use this time to get at least one week ahead in my forum posts so as to make life easier, if the material just wasn't so boring...the math side of it loses me so quickly.
UPS just came despite the ice and dropped off my super sexy Marena girdle garments.  Now all I have to do is get to medical supply to pick up my 4 wheeled Rollator (aka walker) to help me get back and forth across the house. 

Time to quit procrastinating and get some school work done.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tight ass, needles, and 2XL

Today has been a day! Started with finding out we are getting out of the Army in 9 months. Enough time to get my Masters and Jason a double masters. It's time too...we got hosed so its time to go and write a book about it! Exposé everyone for all their crap!

Then I went to an Amazing PT doc today for an eval on my knee. Something I have been putting off for months, fearful of the results. She let me know all my problems stem from my tight ass! LITERALLY!!! How funny! Jason has always called me a tight ass and yes I'm known to be cheap. Funny stuff. So she did some needle point therapy and prescribed, get this stretching and mobility!!! So happy it's nothing serious.

Oh! And last night I ordered my super sexy garments aka my girdles for post surgery. You have to plug in your waist and hips and thigh measurements. My waist was 35", hips 41", thigh 21" and it came back telling me I needed a 2XL girdle!!! Yes a 2XL!!! I'm like a 30" waist in jeans! I have an ass (tight one at that I found out today lol). Stupid thing! So I talked to the nurse and she assured me all would be fine, hers was a 1x and she said she almost cried. So I ordered two 2xl girdles...hope those suckers fit! I will not define myself by a number :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Toys R Us and 'sexy garments'

Well it appears we made it through the weekend without a single slip up by the girls reference my surgery! So we are headed home and hitting TRU on the way for their promised gift (yep, I bought them off, something I almost NEVER do).

I just opened an email from my docs' RN who just had major surgery done this past week. Talking with her really helps feel more confident and provides me with much needed advice of do's and do not's. My mission for today is to order my garments for recovery. I need two girdles that zip on the side and are crotchless! Sexy! Have to get them ordered today. And I'm on a mission to find a walker with rollers! Crap and I just realized I'm 8 days OUT!!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Skating and Homework

We arrived safely in Q town and have immersed ourselves in family and now homework.  J is working on pulling out a double-master's before we leave our 13 year stint in the Army for something bigger, better, and more challenging.  I am just trying to get a Master's in the Science of Fitness and Nutrition to simply reduce having to drop $100's each year renewing certifications through various personal training organizations.  Why I chose a program with a Science emphasis is beyond me, but I'm in my second term and second class, this one is Motor Control and Learning.  I have found through online school that I learn faster and enjoy learning more when I do it in a classroom where I can have hands on and actual verbal discussion. 

Right now we are sitting at the local Panera and working on our classes.  I have a paper due this week but thankfully not another one for a few weeks.  I hope it all works out with the upcoming surgery.

I will quit procrastinating and finish my 1 page paper (which J gives me crap for complaining about) in just a minute.  I needed a break. 

Since the last visit to the doc I have noticed my little 4 person family becoming more open to touching and talking about my beloved (ha) skin flap.  J for the first time verbally in front of me referred to it as 'gross', which he never would have done if I weren't having it removed so that is kind of him...ha ha ha....however I agree.  I think it's gross and I'm tired of tucking it in my pants!

My eldest is afraid I won't be soft when she hugs me anymore, that I will be hard like a board.  My youngest is unphased by it right now.  I am sure her apprehension and concern will come when I have a scar and have to walk bent over for weeks and have drains hanging out of me.  I'll take her lack of concern right now in stride because she is a panic prone child and quick to cry if Mommy simply doesn't feel well. 

I'm excited to see if there is a difference in how my clothes fit.  I feel ready and more comfortable with each passing day. 

OK OK off to finish this paper.  Muscle memory here I come. 

P.S.  The skating, the skating...we went skating as a family with a few of my nieces and my wonderful Sis-in-law last night! It was great. I love to skate and my knee help up...felt like I had to explain the reference to skating in my title

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines/ Pre-op Day

So we made it to Columbia, I got my not on the menu Sopa de Pollo and chunky guacamole! I'm happy today is my off day from the gym my whole body aches! I think I over did it on my knee yesterday too :-(.

I took my pre-op day photos. Feeling a little bloated considering the time of the month. I'm really ready to not have that flap. This past week I was doing double unders and push presses only to have my skin flap pop out mid-double unders and mid push presses! Talk about humiliating!!!

We arrived at the hospital and after much confusion over where we were supposed to go we found the correct area. The receptionist was really friendly and helpful. We swiped my husbands debit card only to immediately find out it was declined. What we forgot to take into account was the spending limit was set at $2500. So J went and fixed the bank/ financial issue while the girls hung out in the children's play room. I'm now waiting to be called back to get started. Feeling really apprehensive. I hate hospitals, everything I do in life is prep work to keep me out of places like this. Ugh! Thankfully this isn't the location of the surgery.

So it all went well. I'm good to go. Have to order 2 garments. They are actually crotchless girdles to wear. I saw the doc and the nurse today. I got palpated and prodded. Only time in my life I've let anyone touch that 'thing'!

12 days! Now to just keep the cardio up and injuries down!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Then and Now

So tomorrow is going to be hectic.  We have to get one child off to school long enough so she can hand out her Valentines and while she is doing that we will be packing the truck.  At the same time  my lovely husband has to go to work for a few hours and then take the dogs to the boarders.  Normally we would take our pups with us but we decided to give ourselves a little break and be able to move more freely around our home town, not everyone loves our babies as much as we do?!
We have to be on the road by 10am so we won't have a minute to spare.  We plan to eat lunch (at what we think is the best Tex-Mex/Mexican food joint we can find around here...I want the Sopa de Tortilla sans tortillas just chicken mmmmm...) , go to my pre-op appointment, and then drive the remaining 2 hours to our hometown. 

I'm really excited to see what tomorrow brings.  In the meantime I've been going back through pics and reminding myself where I came from and all the work I have done to get where I am at today.

Here I am right before I got pregnant.

This is a pic when my eldest was 2 yrs old, she would look at that pic and tell me, "Mommy I want you to look like that again!"  That used to make me sad and feel guilty. I'm wearing Old Navy jeans that are a size 10.  I kept them as 'the jeans' to be able to get back into.  Then once they were too big, I passed them on as inspiration pants.  I now look at this and think, where is my muscle?  LOL

 Here we are the day she was born.  Oh man!  She was only 5#'s and I was well over 200#'s. (In my defense I was per-eclampitic and was induced 4 weeks early, HOWEVER I am the reason I had per-eclampsia I am sure!  We ate like CRAP) I was a size 16/18 for quite some time after this pregnancy.
Here we are again.  WOW!  We still had a long ways to go. 
And lastly, here we are today.  I don't even recognize our old selves...thankfully!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I miss Louisiana at times like these.  The parades and the food, and the food :-).  I miss the colors, the festivities, and hearing people speak Cajun/Creole/French English. 

Went to the gym even though every fiber in my body was telling me to sleep in.  I made it through my 30 minute interval training on the bike today and that was it!  I had a wicked headache and just needed to crash.  Crash I did not.  I grabbed lunch, Panera (soup and salad) and then ran a few errands and then took my daughter to her first lesson with her tutor!  Trying to make math fun and not daunting and Mamma can't seem to make that happen.

Well, tomorrow we pack and Thursday it's off to preop.  From there we are headed home to spend some time with the family and I'm hoping that the girls don't slip up and tell the family about my upcoming surgery.  I'm not telling anyone for several reasons, mainly because I don't want to have to explain myself and answer a bunch of questions that are frankly no one's business unless I made it their business.  The Army life has instilled in me a great sense of keeping things within my small nuclear family and not worrying about what everyone else is doing.  I have also had mixed opinions from strangers (or near strangers) when I have happened to mention what I am about to do.  So, it's better to say nothing in our opinion (hubby fully on board here) and maybe mention it in hind sight. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

15 days and DRAINS

So, today makes 15 days to surgery and counting.  Today also makes 3 days to my pre-op and our first chunk of the payment.  I don't know what to expect at the pre-op, I've read some other blogs and some posts on what happens, but I'm just going to wait and see what my Doc has in store for me.

Drains, yes drains.

Maybe not quite like the image above, but....Something I had never contemplated having ON my body, however if I remember correctly I'll have two drains.  One on each side of the incision to drain the excess fluid that may build up.  That one word, drain, now educes a gag feeling for me.  The thought of having open HOLES in my body that DRAINS are coming out of really, really makes me feel ill.  I'm hoping it won't be that bad and I'm just reminding myself I am not the first person to do this.  I'll be fine.  Maybe it'll be like having catheters?  I've had those a few times in my life.  Maybe it'll be better? than that because I won't have the drain in my urethra.  Ha ha ha....just looking for positives here.

I killed it at the gym today.  15 minutes of bike intervals, 10 mins with high resistance on the Stairmaster, 500 m row, and a 20 minute WOD of double unders, shoulder to overhead, and knees to elbows followed by some isolated weighted core movements.

Time to do my assignments for class, that is if my wonderful newly 5 year old daughter will ever stop to take a breath and maybe not talk for a few minutes. 

Eat Well!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

16 Days and Counting

Yep, 16 days. 

So, what am I going to do with those 16 days?  Stay focused on my nutrition.  Notice I never say diet.  I loathe that word as it implies there is a beginning and an end to what you are doing.  So, no dieting in my house or in my gym or with my clients.  With my food I'm steering slowly and surely away from a more 'Paleo' style or type of nutrition plan to a leaner, clean food way of eating.  As I think is true of most people who are seriously invested in the way they eat, we are always trying to tweak things.  To clarify, people who are invested in how they eat because they care about what their bodies look like and how they perform.  I have learned there is no fool-proof, all encompassing nutrition plan that works across the board for everyone.  Everyone is a little different, whether that is simply their lifestyle (stay-at-home mom vs. 40 hr. week mom, no one get panties or briefs into a bunch here...) or how their body processes food, or food allergies, or pre-existing conditions like diabetes.   

Jason and I started years ago knowing we needed to change something and started with what at the time seemed like the obvious choice of being Vegetarian/Vegan.  We quickly learned that didn't work as optimally for us as we thought, and here we are today 5 years later still tweaking what we eat and how we eat.  Reading ad-naseum about all different styles of eating and when to eat and how to eat.  Much like bringing home a new baby you take in all the advice and reading you have done, mull it around, and do what you think will be best and most suited to your lifestyle and tweak it as you go along.  I  think it is of great importance to constantly read and do research regarding how you eat though and not getting stuck in one way or believe there is ONLY one way. 

So, with that said we are moving as family to a balance of Paleo/Primal ideas mixed with clean eating.  What we don't eat is simple, sugar (brown, white, processed or fake sugars of any kind UNLESS it is a special occasion or we go out for a 'cheat meal' loosely termed), processed foods (for the most part, maybe I should say these are HIGHLY AVOIDED).  If it comes in a box you won't see me buying it.  I try to purchase foods that are as close to how they were originally made as possible, think WHOLE fruits and veggies, dairy as minimally processed, eggs as un-bastardized as possible.  Etc...etc....if there is something we are jonesing for, we got out and eat it (for the most part) and don't bring it into the home. 

So, for the next 16 days there will be a HUGE emphasis on vegetables, fruits, lean meat (fish, chicken, turkey, and some seafood), occasional old-fashioned oats, and some nuts/seeds with a little dairy, and maybe the occasional pasta or rice.  Lean and balanced, much like my fighter food plan from when I was doing MMA. 

Anyway, I'm off to the store to get some eggs and a few other things to make it through the next 2 weeks.  Can't wait to see the results. 
Oh, and I have to write another paper today.  Blah. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

School of hard knocks

Try as I might I cannot seem to wrap my brain around the course I'm signed up for this 8 week term.  I should be totally into it, it's Motor Control and Learning, very applicable to what I do, right?  I sit down to read chapters 1 & 2 (which I have tried to do at least 5 times now) and it's like force feeding.  I cannot get in to it!  I haven't made it past the first few pages, I don't know why!  Common problem I guess for me really, struggling to get started but once I'm in I'm good to go.  I am really learning that without classroom instruction for me it is much tougher to get into the curriculum and I hate HATE HATE trying to understand people (ironically) by just reading flat black words that have been typed onto paper. Another problem is that there are not any schools close by that do instruction in a classroom, grrr.... Other problem?  I write like I speak...conversationally.  My husband who writes for a living is trying to help me to think and write 'scholarly', he calls it douche-ing it up.  Which, I loathe!  When I write I want me to come through, I do not think I should have to write to conform to a standard that appears to set me 'above' any other individual, but like so many other things in life it is all about appearances.  I need to just let it go.

So, I made homemade broccoli and cheese soup last night yet couldn't bring myself to eat it yesterday as I was still recovering from this stomach thing.  The soup however is what is on tap for dinner tonight, that and a salad.  Lot's of greens for dinner for everyone. 

Until tomorrow.

P.S. Here is the link to the soup, I did not make croutons and used whole milk instead of cream as that is what I had on hand.

Emeril's Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back in the gym

So, I'm finally back in the gym.  Felt like too long from Saturday to Wednesday.  I hit the bike for a 15 minute burner and then went to do a WOD.  I did a 5 min AMRAP, rowed 500m and then decided to go hit the StairMaster.  I'm trying to trim up my legs from being a power lifter, I really held on to the muscle longer than I expected and what went away was kindly replaced with fat, cellulite, yuckiness.  So, I'm going to be doing more machine cardio than I ever care to, but...I know it works! So after 25 mins. and 75.3 flights of stairs on the StairMaster I went and did some core specific work and decided to call it a day.  Mentally, I just wasn't into it today.  I wanted to get some lifts in but just couldn't force myself.   I have decided to get back in to mobility.

My client tried to call and cancel on me today.  My response, "Where is your office?".  My next response to her was "No, I'm not at the hospital, however I am going to come there and find you and then make you do burpees!  I'll follow you around like your worst nightmare!".  Needless to say she will be here for training tonight!  Tough love.

Got an email from the Plastic Surgeons RN today, which I love!  They communicate with me better than ANY other doc I have ever had.  She just called to verify that I am going to use the doc for my surgery and not the resident ($2000 off the price if I used the resident, however I loved the doc!), and to let me know that I would need to stop all my supplements sans the multivitamin 10 days pre-op.  We briefly chatted as she is the doctor's RN and is herself getting a tummy tuck just short of 2 weeks before me, I have to say that she is also a factor in my decision to stick with the doc and not go with a resident. 

Well, off to finish my broth based broccoli and cheese soup, laundry, vacuuming, and homework.  Not sure I'm sold on this class I'm taking, but not sure I have a choice lol

Eat Well! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Sims 3

So, I DO NOT LIKE VIDEO games.  They annoy me.  Yes, I grew up with Nintendo (the original one) and I played it some as a child however, I feel like they are a HUGE waste of time and mindless.  The only video game that I ever remember enjoying is The Sims.  I haven't played it in years, probably since I had children.  But, I'm here to admit to having my husband pick me up a copy at Game Stop yesterday.  Why?  Well, frankly because the last few days being laid out with a stomach virus has taught me I don't do NOTHING well.  I will need something that can be a time suck to draw me in and distract me so I'm not considering getting up and moving around.

The doc told me the best thing I can do is to not move around too much.  What is too much?  Anything other than getting up for the restroom!  This lasts for about 3 weeks.  The reason you don't want to move too much is because you want the newly pulled down skin not to move back and forth too much causing swelling and more drainage and (gag, gag, gag, stomach turning) well, that's enough.  I signed on for this, I have wanted this for A LONG TIME and I have worked my butt off to get to where I am.  I know the results will totally be worth it, as I'm sure the pain for several days will keep me happily in my chair. 

So, against my better judgment I bought a video game for mind-numbing sitting on my arse time. 

Today is day 4 of this nasty virus and I would sure love to kick it.  My poor kiddo has been reduced to hanging out with the puppies.  I'm sure it could be a lot worse for her at least I am able to make her food now.

8 days to pre-op!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Facebook fast

So, one day my husband and I were talking about how much of a time suck that Facebook is and how pointless as well as a good waste of time it is.  We noticed we were both mindlessly getting onto FB on our phones whenever there was a free moment or down time.  We weren't living in the moment and I noticed I would get irritated if someone interrupted me while I was perusing it.  So we decided to take a break from FB as soon as I got back from my trip to WA.  I started by just getting rid of it on my phone but decided to go big time and suspend my account, and you know what it feels amazing!  What I started to notice was the immense amount of negativity that FB inspired and how lots of people would use it to try to get at others.  By that I mean saying, no lets call it what it is, you aren't saying a darn thing you are TYPING it.  That's the other thing I noticed in conversation I would say "Well, she said...." or "We were talking the other day..." and you know what?  "She" neither said nor were "we talking", it was all words typed into cyberspace for the other person to READ! 

The other thing is misunderstanding and misinterpretation or reading between the lines literally that happens when conducting relationships electronically.  I know of mulitiple friendships that have been hurt or affected by electronic relationships!  My sister informed me of at least 3 friendships she knew had been lost over just FB.

Something else I that I think happens is the perpetuation and continuance of relationships that just wouldn't make it in the real world.  By that I mean the flesh and blood having a conversation real world.  Some friendships may seem more real or important than they really are through FB, when in reality you would never ever be friends with, hang out with, go to lunch with, or say watch these peoples children, or pets or house.  The only reason you have them as 'friends' is because FB tells you they are your friend.  Ha!  Hardly.  If anything FB taught me many valuable life lessons on who is really a friend.  Want to know my simple outlook on that?  If they continue to seek you out and do things with you once you quit FB...yep then they are a friend.  If you no longer hear from them, they weren't your friend.  And, by hear from them I mean through email (being generous here), a phone call, or say...novel idea here...a hand written letter,  If you get none of these in return you know 'they just aren't that much of a friend for you'. 

Shortly after I quit FB I went on a texting (ha the dictionary doesn't even recognize that word, texting! what does that tell you?) fast.  I went from receiving over 100+ texts some days or more to astronomically less.  I'll have to check our bill to see what difference there truly was.  However, I noticed I would stop almost anything to answer a text or see what was going on on my phone.  Another time suck.  Another fake perpetuation of friendship.  Pathetic really!  So, I decided to stop something NOW before it became a much larger problem potentially affecting real relationships (flesh and blood ones that is) in my life.  I'm sure people were confused by my choice to distance myself through texting after I just quit FB.  But you know what?  It was liberating.  No longer would my phone buzz, beep, and ding uncontrollably with things that you know what?  Just weren't that important.  You know why I say that?  If it's really important I would call someone or someone would CALL me. 

On a side note I woke up this morning in a bit of a nervous mess, I was dreaming about being at the hospital and getting ready for the tummy tuck.  I had just gotten my IV in my right hip and they had me laying on my stomach on a stretcher waiting to go in for surgery.  I don't remember why I was upset or nervous but I had a heck of a time going back to sleep. 

Well, I ventured out for lunch today to my one and only standby Panera, this one horse town just doesn't have many healthy options.  However after getting out and getting food thinking I was 100% recovered I quickly found out, maybe not.  SO, I'm going to load up run to 'the devil store' a.k.a. Wal-Mart and then head home to rest.  Jason keeps telling me to take it easy, something I am learning I DO NOT DO WELL!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Stomach virus

Today is day two of a stomach virus.  I am not someone who does nothing well.  I don't sit idle long EVER.  Now I'm working on recliner confinement, day 2.  I woke up feeling so much better than yesterday.  So, what did I do?  Clean the kitchen and mop the floor only to find out I am not as 'over it' as I thought. 

On the bright side I should be looking at this like trial and error or practice for my tummy tuck recovery.  They say something like 2 weeks of being at a 90 degree angle, in other words living in a recliner.  I suppose to some people that may sound AWESOME, however to busy body Stacy, that sounds like a very, very long time.  I guess that will afford me plenty or reading time, blogging time, and my husband suggests video game time.  I'm not a gamer however I think I will need another distraction.  I did put together a list of books from a few friends whose judgement in books I trust so that should help.

Well, time to get to work, school work that is.  Today is also day one of my new class Motor Learning. 

Anyone want to come over and make me some soup?  I'm jonesing for one of my all time favorite's by Rachel Ray.

Eat Well!

Friday, February 1, 2013

 Here is to honesty, integrity, and personal courage.  These are my 'OH DEAR GOD I cannot believe I took these and am putting them up for the world to see' pictures.
But, I said I would and it is important for me because if I help one woman or man, somewhere, sometime, well...then that's all I hope to do.

Me with my gym capri's on.  Thank GOD for wide banded capris!
 Photo 2:  The real deal skin flap.  Six pregnancy's, and 2 glorious baby's later.  (I am 5 years post-postpartum here).
 Photo 3: the other side.
 Photo 4: head on shot of stomach flap/skin flap
Again, OMG I cannot believe I took this picture.
 Photo 5:  I took this pic one day just a few weeks ago to remind myself I work VERY hard to have the body I do.  I have brought myself from a size 16-18 to an 8/10 depending on the brand and style and cut of jean.  I needed photo proof of the muscles and avoidance of the flap just below where the dresser cuts me off.
Photo 6:  This is me in my everyday gear.  Sweatshirt, glasses, and my headband.  I LOVE my headbands!