Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, Feb 17 2010

So Amy effectively wore me out yesterday the 17th. I am so sore in my lower back, across my shoulders and the base of my neck. But I'm fighting off some chest cold crap that my eldest brought into the house. I'm so SO worn out!

I won't be going to the ladies night at the gym tomorrow but hope to get to a class at 10am assuming I'm not laid out with this cold and crap.

So I just measured my waist. You know across that skin flap I have left over that just hangs on my gut. The whole reason I hate my body. That flap. I hate my measurement. SO, I won't post it today. I'm going to do it again first thing in the morning when I'm not bloated from 'that time of the month' and see if it is different. I need to post measurements anyway. Keep myself honest.

I also need to start doing cardio on my off days from Crossfit. I wanted to run today but I'm dizzy and feel puny. SO, I will study. Try to get through the rest of my quizzes for my exam on personal training.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am so so sore today. My abs and hamstrings hurt. My abs hurt so bad it feels like I'm sick!

Yesterday I took DH to Crossfit to workout with me. My trainer had a wonderful workout lined up for us! I don't remember what it was called. I need to be better about remembering these things. But it was all for time and I BEAT HIM! Granted we used different weights and my box wasn't as tall as his but I still beat him! My 6'6" tough as nails husband.

After the 15 min butt kicking session by Amy she had us get on the Glute Ham Destroyer machine and pump out 50 FULL GHD's. That was probably the worst part of the workout. THOSE JUST PLAIN SUCK! BUT, I do like what they are doing to me.

So, I'll be better about posting my results as I find more detailed info is more exciting. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So I haven't held myself accountable. BUT that doesn't mean I haven't worked out.

Superbowl Sunday I went to a pre-Superbowl workout at the gym. We had a heinous workout in honor of a member who turned 35. I did so many Burpees...70! Who in the right mind signs up for that? Anyway Sunday was great.

Then Monday I had a sick kid which kept me home but I went today. I got my rear handed to me. But I never expect anything less than that!

The warm up was squats, planks and push ups with 100 lunges. THEN the WOD was as follows:

400M run
each set followed by a 400m run

It was brutal. My rear end hurts so bad right now and all I'm doing is sitting on it. My Quads hurt so bad pushing a cart at the store! I have a feeling I might be sore for a while after this one.

I have 2 more sessions with my trainer and then I think I'll re up for another round and continue to go to classes in the mean time. I don't want to slip while I'm progressing. I'm also going to train for a Couch to 5K run! I have no doubt in my ability to complete it...I'm just going to have to do it...then Amy mentioned a mud run in the summer! Sounds painful and miserable but I think I'm game for that too. Why not right?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So I just finished my smoothie and was thinking about the workout I did today. It was miserable but I did it. "IT" was called Kelly.

400 or 500 m (I forgot)
15 wall ball presses (I only got up 6lbs)
15 box jumps
5 rounds for time

Amy gave me a time but I was so out of it when she said it I forgot! I wanted to die. My face was so red I laughed when I saw it in the mirror. But as bad as the workout was I felt great when I was done. It was about 45degrees outside and it was raining and I ran in it. Pretty cool feeling knowing I'm out doing something that you couldn't pay ALOT of people to do. I love it.

I'm seeing changes. Others are seeing changes. My tummy, the one I was really seriously thinking about getting a tummy tuck for is changing. YEAH! I put on my 12's today, size 12 Mossimo jeans and they fit comfortably I even put on a belt to keep them up where I want them. I am at my fittest to date a size 10. Normally my body is happy at a 12/14 but I'm not. At the peak of my fitness (thank you Uncle Sam) I was a 10. Right now my goal is to be a 12 in any pair I try on of any brand. Then to have my 14's be too big for me. Which they almost are. So, thank you AMY thank you Crossfit! I see a pin prick of light at the end of this tunnel.

My hubby will be home soon and I hope the progress is most apparent to him.

OH, I did push ups on my toes today. They weren't the best, hell they probably weren't even really THAT good...but guess what I did it. I can't stand doing them on my knees. Another success.

thanks for reading

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My jeans are getting looser! Yeah! Now I just gotta keep it up.

I was going to go for a run today and backed out at the last min. I've been so tired I just took a nap! Lazy I know. Then I ate a little, ok.....alot of oatmeal cookie dough and one cookie. I wanted to give the girls a treat and well I fell prey. And with no one here to remove the cookie dough from my hands it became my downfall. I'm beating myself up over it pretty bad. COOKIE DOUGH! Refined bad for you sugars and flour. Although I did sub some white for wheat, but still high glycemic carbs. I'm done with crap! I felt horrible! My stomach has shrunk so much from the change in the way I eat that it hurt when I walked away. SO no more cookies for the kids. I put the remainder in the freezer in the garage. It's like a black hole I always forget what I've put in there.

Well, so much for today.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I thought, "My trainer hates me"!

So I mastered the short box jump. I worked on it off and on. The box was sitting at the bottom of the steps so anytime I went up or down the stairs I was looking at it. This morning before going to my training session I did 10 jumps. Yeah. Full jumps. So that made me happy.

I also went to class on Friday night. Our Ladies Night Class which I love. It was like driving up to a torture chamber. I just really wasn't feeling it and I had both of my girls with me who HAD NOT taken naps. While they did OK it was not their best performance ever.

Friday 1-29-10

Warm UP

Row 500m

1 rope climb (or rings)

29 GHD Sit Ups

66 walking lunges

Work out: The HOOV 4RDS(rounds)

11 Hang Power Cleans

11 Overhead Squats

11 Rack to Over-Head (via press, push, jerk)

11 V is for Burpee

For Time, mine was 17:28

I was smoked but it was SO worth going.

Sat and Sun I didn't do anything other than work on Box jumps. I worked out again with Amy today. At one point in the work out I was thinking "I think she hates me!" LOL, I almost asked BUT I didn't have the breath to get it out.

Today is like a blur! I rowed 500m and then worked on some pull ups, dips and cleans with a med ball, oh and some work on the rings. The only thing that stick out in my mind is the heinous amount of TRUE GHD sit ups I did. I did them, true to form today. It was scary letting myself fall back to touch the floor but I did it. I don't know how many exactly but 3 rounds on it was enough to push me into muscle failure on the last 2. I remember muttering "help" on the last two I got to a lateral position and couldn't seem to budge...funny NOW, not then. OH and kettle bell swings! OMG! 20sec on 10 sec off for 8 rounds! I was thrusting (I guess that's what you call it) a 26lb kettle bell to the height of my head or more. It's really amazing what a person can push their body to do. Had someone ever said, "Hey by the way one day you'll be doing these GHD sit ups and burpees with pull ups til you puke and love every minute!" I would have laughed and said there was NO WAY! But, I'm doing it. I might hate it at the time but I love it right after. There is nothing better than proving myself wrong and showing me just how much more strong and driven I am.

So, yes I'm a Crossfit Nerd. I think I'll buy the "Crossfit, its just a workout" t-shirt.

P.S. My trainer sent me an email tonight telling me she is proud of how hard I push myself and loves that I want her to train me! I'm going to make this girl/woman proud!