Thursday, January 28, 2010

I cussed at the box

Did I mention that I got SO mad at the box that I actually said mid-controlled fall off the box "Oh...F you!". Directed at the box! I'm afraid my mouth might get the better of me when I train.

So tonight I am researching on how to conquer my fear of the box and found this article:
Conquering Your Fear of the Box Jump on

It's amazing and so true! She mentioned the more fear she has the more compelled she is to do it! THAT IS SO ME! Me with box jumps and even me with the pull up. Sigh...guess I'm doing some jumps tonight.

The box

The box is in the house. I tried more box jumps last night and same thing. Mental block. My neighbor thought I was crazy and she tried but couldn't even get the nerve to jump. What is THIS???

I'm sore today. I feel every muscle in my abs depending on which way I move! And my back. A soreness there that is new. BUT, it feels good. A good sore.

Off to get ready for supper and a mini bday party for my soon to be 2 year old!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Is it possible to hate an inanimate object so much? I think so. I got to try box jumps for the first time today and as I'm sure can see I HATE box jumps! I think its a mental block, something not connecting...something freaking me out. I don't know but there is something intimidating and frustrating to me about jumping up on a box. I think I even got the shortest box. I don't' know how people do it. Granted I DID it, not perfectly or even pretty-ly but I did it and then guess what?!

My trainer, yeah she sent me home with 'the box'! It's my homework. SO I loaded it up in the car and away I went. I can't even think about jumping on that thing right now. I will! Don't you worry because I HAVE to master it come hell or high water, that's just the way I am programmed. Give me a challenge and I'll do it or die trying. Sigh...the box is in my car and needs to come out. I will get it after nap. This is my quiet reflection time. No more thinking about that thing in my car. For a while anyway.

SO my WOD was CHRISTINE. It was brutal and there is a terrible pic of me busting my you know what on dead lifts. Not flattering but you KNOW when you look at it that I am working hard! LOL...its terrible

I started the workout with 500m row, PVC pull through, planks and p/u.

Then Christine.

3 Rounds for time

500m row at a 2:20pace

12Body weight dead lifts (didn't do body weight)lol

21 box jumps

Then my lovely trainer was kind enough to prescribe 100 sit ups! I love her, I hate my gut... so all is well.

Today I did find myself wondering about half way through sit ups if anyone ever would dare to tell her they 'couldn't' or 'wouldn't' or they were 'done'! I can't ever see myself having the nerve. She scares really but if you saw her you'd know. She has an amazing rock hard body, not something you'd mess with! Or, at least not me.

I then hung out to learn more about the kipping pull up method. Once my shoulder is back to 'normal' I'll be busting my hump on that. BUT, for now...

Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm sad. I didn't work out Sat or Sun in an attempt to recover and recoup. Well come Monday morning my 2 year old still wasn't over whatever was plaguing her. Some weird skin rash, so I called in to reschedule my training session for Tuesday.

Then tonight on my way to collect Girl Scout Cookie orders I wrenched my shoulder attempting to remove my 2 year old from her car seat. It has taken several hours, several Motrin, a soak in Epsom Salts and Aspercreme to make it so I can type. I can't lift my arm to my side or move to far forward or backward with it.

I'm irked cause this might set me back a few more days and not to mention my hubby, yeah I don't have his help right now! My neighbor, God bless her, offered to help me wipe my ass if it came to that as it is my right hand! far not needing assistance in that area. Thank Goodness!

So I did soak in Epsom salts and now for some reason I feel like I coated my mouth with that normal?

Well off to relax for a bit and hope I can fall asleep in some position. Think I'll be going to have a doc check this out as pain in this should is normal for me after a work out, but this kind of pain! The make me sick to my stomach and want to cry pain, NOT normal.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I made myself go last night. I will say I hesitated all the way up to the point of walking in the door, but once in I felt great.

We warmed up with
4 Rounds
10 GHT sit ups
12 back extensions
14 PVC thrusters

100 Burpee Pull Ups for time

So at 20 mins the trainer stopped us if we hadn't made it to 100. I was at 80. I walked away and within two mins decided there was NO way I could live with myself if I didn't finish the 100. So I went back! I finished the last 20 in 5 mins and some change for a total time of 25:26 I do believe!!!!

It was pretty amazing to realize I COULD do that many. I didn't in a million years think I would be able to when I started out. What's even cooler is that my body is getting used to the movements required in the pull up and I didn't find myself at failure there the entire time! It felt good and controlled. Like my muscles remembered what they were supposed to be doing. Pretty sure my chin cleared the bar almost every time (granted still using the box and getting used to it).

Friday, January 22, 2010

Make me GO

So, I'm writing this because if I put it in type I will be less likely to back out and not do what I'm about to put down.

The Crossfit gym I go to has started a ladies night. I now have the ability to go tonight and if I write this I will make myself go! I need to go otherwise I will have done nothing today! NOTHING! Well nothing besides wrangle kids, pick up a girlfriend from the airport and get pics taken for my 2 year old at Sears. THAT was a nightmare. Maybe I should go just to work out all my frustrations from that high pressure sales event that was supposed to be a fun photo shoot! FOR A TWO YEAR OLD!!!

Oh, and yesterday I finalized all the paperwork in order for me to start my ISSA Master Trainer Certs! YEAH! My books should be here soon. Hello future!

So, I'm going tonight. I'M going TONIGHT! I NEED to go tonight! I will go tonight. I need to be sleek and fit and toned and healthy. I'm going.

I'll check in later.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

No gym today

Well, no workout at the gym today so I decided to drag myself out since the weather isn't so bad today. The sun peeks out every now and then and I figured with the right amount of layers my daughter would be good in the stroller. So I did interval training for 4.2 miles with a jogging stroller. I'd love to know how much weight I'm pushing, I know it is ALOT! A few weeks of this and I should be able to smoke a run sans the stroller.

So I am sore, but nothing like the first week of Crossfit. I feel stronger and like I have better posture. I noticed the other day I was lugging my nearly two year old around with one arm and it felt SO EASY! And I thought...hmmm...that's new!

So much for today. For fun I might find myself on the WII later tonight, challenge my 5 year old or something. For now I'm going to drink my Quad Shot No Room Grande Americano and relax. Oh and I have to redo the music on my MP3 player. I need consistent songs with a running beat. Nothing slow, hardcore all the way or I will stop running!

P.S. Shame on me, I ate 2/3 of a chocolate chocolate cookie left over from Panera. It was SO delicious but SO not on my regimen for food....but I said it! I did eat it. Go ahead beat me up please!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day Four

We started off with a warm up of pvc pull thrus and some squats. Then on to what I thought of as torture for the core the GLUTE HAM Sit Up coupled with HIP and BACK Extensions. Then on to the work out of the day


21 Overhead Squats (35lbs with bar)

42 Pull Ups

15 Overhead Squats

30 Pull Ups

9 Overhead Squats

18 Pull Ups
For Time

Ridiculous amounts. And of course I am not doing un-assisted pull ups. Today my trainer attached bands in order to help boost me up further so my chin goes above the bar. Which is great, but it's like being a kid with training wheels and wanting to ride your bike like the big kids WITHOUT training wheels! I don't want bands! I wanna do it the 'correct' way!

So, that was fun! Ha! OMG I thought for sure my arms were going to give out and I was going to fall. But, no I made it through. 11mins and some odd seconds.

Then off to row. 500M to cool down and then THEN Tabata rowing 20 secs on 10 off for 8 sets!

I broke a sweat, I was out of breath BUT DAMN did I feel good! What a thing to be hooked on and addicted to so fast! Could this be more addicting than illegal drugs? Maybe if more people tried this we'd have a healthier country?!

I bought a shirt I will have to post a pic, it says "You can do ANYTHING for 20 mins!".

Let's see how I feel tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

24 hours later

So, I'm not as sore as the previous two times. My shoulders are screaming but that's it. The previous two times my body hurt so bad I felt like I had the flu. Not so this time.

I forgot to mention I did my push ups on my knees. Which disappoints me because in my military hey day I never ever did them on my knees. I need to get up off them. No excuses right? I only mentioned it to hold myself accountable. I want to look back on this and say "Damn girl you have come a long, long way!"

No Epsom salts yesterday or today just a little muscle cream for my shoulder. I might go have my friend work the kinks out of my shoulder tonight.

Dare I say I love Crossfit. Is it possible to get totally smoked and have a full body workout anywhere else in 30 mins? I might have a new love. LOL
I still need body shots and measurements. I am going to have to find someone to help me with that!

Monday, January 18, 2010


So today is day 3 at the gym with my trainer. I got up and out of bed. My daughters were both home today because of the holiday. I didn't want to go. I wanted to sleep but I got up.

The girls had a great time. My 5 year old walks in and said "This doesn't look like a gym". Ha! I was smoked.

We started out with 500 m row and then pvc pipe arm stretches on to dips. I hate dips my triceps suck and are killing me! But I dipped over and over. I've learned not to count. The number can dissuade me from doing more. Then I did straight arm hangs since I'm not strong enough to dip my entire body! I hit muscle failure so fast! I should have triceps of steel when I'm done. I better.

Then we moved on to the workout of the day. I got to do Clean Jerks today! What am amazing thing! I feel so rockin' when I do those. My trainer loaded a bar with 35 lbs and away I went! I love love love that exercise! It's such a powerful move!

So this was the AMRAP for today:

3 Clean Jerks
3 pull ups
6 push ups
9 air squats
3 pull ups
6 push ups
9 air squats
Start OVER
For record as many reps as possible in 20 mins

I did 5 full reps and almost completed the 6th set
Not bad for a beginner like me.

It took me all day Sat and Sun to recover from the brutal beating I got there on Friday. I'll be interested to see how I feel in 24 hours. I hit muscle failure in my tri's and the rest of me felt like I wanted to throw up. But its such an amazing feeling and sense of accomplishment when you are done.

I'm slowly on my way to my Level one cert!

Can't wait to show my hubby my clean and jerk!

Off to shower.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My misadventures starting crossfit

So, I'm doing it. I need a change.

I hit a plateau and my body was stuck. Stuck in a rut I didn't like and I couldn't get out of. So, now it's Crossfit for me! Yep, I jumped in with both feet!

I heard it's murder, 'those' people weren't lying! I found a gym close by and away I went. Wednesday was my first meeting with a personal trainer.

She kicked my ass, killed my legs and my triceps are still screaming. BUT, I went back. I signed up for 10 personal training sessions with the woman who said that she'd make me 'hate her'. I thought no way, I'm here to get motivated and kicked in the rear. I went back today for my first session and I am just as sore as I was when I walked in. She might be right I might hate her. But for now I'm taking motrin and going slow. Slow up and down steps. All my movements are slow and it feels good. My body is screaming in pain which means I'm alive right?

In 30 mins she smoked me! Completely and totally smoked me!

So, this, my blog, is going to be about my adventures with getting my body over the plateau it's found to be comfortable in. About getting fit the Crossfit way. And not dying in the process. I will post before pics and measurements soon.

I just ask for you to keep me honest and motivated.