Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Grocery Store Saddness

So, I stopped by Safeway after eating a protein filled brunch to pick up some more protein for supper. They had a good selection of chicken and some Wild Alaskan caught Salmon. Next to that I added a few Lara bars for the kids and grabbed up a few Honey Crisp apples and Pacific Rose apples too. I was about to checkout when I passed a mom not much younger than me and I notice she is bargaining with her son. THEN I notice she is bargaining with him in regards to a CANDY BAR! She was trying to get him to choose a Butterfinger crisp?!...she was giving him the choice to grab a bar...a candy bar and he was barely, BARELY old enough to TALK! I was so saddened when I passed them as it is just a reminder of how poorly we feed ourselves and our children in this country. This little boy will eat that bar and then crash and be grouchy (after he has bounced off the walls for a while) and miserable and mom will likely not know why. (I even gave her the benefit of the doubt and looked at what was in her cart hoping the candy bar was just a REALLY bad treat, but no...her cart showed the lack of knowledge we as American's have regarding food).

SUGAR is bad and that is hard to understand. I'm so glad that I am aware of this now at 33 and my children at 4 and 7 are aware. I just wish I could help more moms know how to better feed their children.

So, that was a sad trip to the store today. Maybe someday....

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