Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Today was my 4 week post-op anniversary!  I was so excited to go to Columbia to see my doc and nurse.  I had just had my youngest daughter point out to me a few days ago that I was standing upright completely for the first time since surgery, and I was!!  Shoulders back and everything this week, it felt great!  Not able to be maintained all day but awesome all the same.

The docs were all impressed with my progress and the scar and thankfully not worried that my belly button might be infected.  I got out of the shower Tuesday night pretty sure it might be infected as I had never seen it so red (granted I do not spend A LOT of time looking at it).  Happy that there is no infection there.  I can now start massaging (insert gag here) my navel, not sure why...I know they told me however when they were telling me I was breaking out into a nervous sweat :)  I'm such a wuss when it comes to touching the stomach. 

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