Monday, April 1, 2013

Bloating and Gas

So we went to our fave little dinner spot on Saturday night in Springfield MO and I got my fave dish and am still paying for it. I have never been more bloated and distended and in total discomfort. I feel like my belly is trying to push through my scar! It hurts. That's what I get for eating junk for first time in 3 weeks.

3 gas x and almost 6 hrs later and I'm still miserable and sipping on some mint tea.
Maybe I will be over it tomorrow.

Oh and can I say sneezing and coughing...yah not my favorite things to do! It is the strangest feeling in my belly button when I sneeze, can't say strange good either.

So over the weekend I have noticed my girdles that I have been wearing since day 1 are no longer staying where they Are supposed to and are sliding down to mid-stomach, which is painful. The nerves reattaching in my abdominal skin produces the feeling of being scratched by carpenter nails even with just the light brush of clothes and with the girdle slipping its producing pain. So YaY that means its too big and my swelling is going down. All except in my legs which seem to be retaining water the most :(. Right now with all this internal gas I can't say I feel not bloated. I feel like a fat tick on a dogs back! (Grew up on a farm, saw plenty of ticks...hate those things). Anyway, ordered a pair of Spax super control to see if that will work for my replacement garment. to shower.

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