Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be yourfood~Hippocrates

(That was sent to me by a dear lady friend on a day that I needed some serious pick me up)
Just because I am a strong woman, a little rough around the edges and NOT afraid to say what is on my mind does not mean I am impenetrable to being left out, not thanked, or above having my feelings hurt.

What it does mean is I call shit like it is, and courtesy of a near and dear friend of mind I have learned that I have to stand up for myself more. I am done being bull dozed or having people assume I can handle something someone else couldn't because I am tough.

I am over being insulted and attacked for speaking my mind. I spend my days reading and researching all, yes... ALL angles of food and nutrition. I am not perfect and there is NO perfect diet but there is a lot of evidence out there pointing to how broke we are when it comes to how to eat and how unhealthy we are as a nation.

We are a nation of sick care not health care or even much preventative care. What I say, I say out of LOVE and for pure information dissemination. I pass on any research I can. Good or bad. You don't have to agree with me or give a shit just don't attack me.  Heck just don't read what I have to say if you don't like what I say. 

I, believe it or not, wear my heart on my sleeve. I am incredibly flexible to a fault. I will take shit and more shit and even more shit until I reach my shit threshold.  Once I'm there, well then I'm inflexible! I'm done. As I'm getting older and having been walked on by one too many people my shit threshold is getting shorter. 

I know how offended people get about the way they live their lives. THIS IS MY JOB and I take it very seriously. This is NOT a hobby for me.  I work with people ALL the time and see how attached they are to food and how much comfort food brings.  AND GUESS WHAT?  I KNOW I am an emotional eater.  When things are bad I reach for JUNK FOOD.  I just do.  See...I'm not any different.  I have been fat, I have let food control me, I have been on a 1 gallon bag of pharmaceuticals  to cure what ails me.  Been there and done that and I've burned that t-shirt and am taking a different approach to life.

I will continue to be strong and to look at ALL sides of  an issue and not fall prey to to American laziness of believing what I see, hear, or read FROM ONE SOURCE without question.  I QUESTION EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.  I JUST DO.  I am always looking for a better way to get healthy, stay healthy, and be stronger. 

Lastly, I NEVER say anything ever with the intention of hurting someone.  That is just not me, that's not my MO.  So, if I have said something that offends you I didn't likely know that I did it.  I don't like hurting others, in fact I LOVE to help people.  So just know, I'm not out to make you feel anything other than convicted in your ways and happy with your life.

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  1. Love this Stacy WAY WAY MORE�� you tell it how it is girl!!! You have come so far and I love your advise!!! XXOO I always know I can trust you! Thanks for always helping me out!!! IN EVERYTHING!!!