Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My jeans are getting looser! Yeah! Now I just gotta keep it up.

I was going to go for a run today and backed out at the last min. I've been so tired I just took a nap! Lazy I know. Then I ate a little, ok.....alot of oatmeal cookie dough and one cookie. I wanted to give the girls a treat and well I fell prey. And with no one here to remove the cookie dough from my hands it became my downfall. I'm beating myself up over it pretty bad. COOKIE DOUGH! Refined bad for you sugars and flour. Although I did sub some white for wheat, but still high glycemic carbs. I'm done with crap! I felt horrible! My stomach has shrunk so much from the change in the way I eat that it hurt when I walked away. SO no more cookies for the kids. I put the remainder in the freezer in the garage. It's like a black hole I always forget what I've put in there.

Well, so much for today.

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