Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So I haven't held myself accountable. BUT that doesn't mean I haven't worked out.

Superbowl Sunday I went to a pre-Superbowl workout at the gym. We had a heinous workout in honor of a member who turned 35. I did so many Burpees...70! Who in the right mind signs up for that? Anyway Sunday was great.

Then Monday I had a sick kid which kept me home but I went today. I got my rear handed to me. But I never expect anything less than that!

The warm up was squats, planks and push ups with 100 lunges. THEN the WOD was as follows:

400M run
each set followed by a 400m run

It was brutal. My rear end hurts so bad right now and all I'm doing is sitting on it. My Quads hurt so bad pushing a cart at the store! I have a feeling I might be sore for a while after this one.

I have 2 more sessions with my trainer and then I think I'll re up for another round and continue to go to classes in the mean time. I don't want to slip while I'm progressing. I'm also going to train for a Couch to 5K run! I have no doubt in my ability to complete it...I'm just going to have to do it...then Amy mentioned a mud run in the summer! Sounds painful and miserable but I think I'm game for that too. Why not right?

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