Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, Feb 17 2010

So Amy effectively wore me out yesterday the 17th. I am so sore in my lower back, across my shoulders and the base of my neck. But I'm fighting off some chest cold crap that my eldest brought into the house. I'm so SO worn out!

I won't be going to the ladies night at the gym tomorrow but hope to get to a class at 10am assuming I'm not laid out with this cold and crap.

So I just measured my waist. You know across that skin flap I have left over that just hangs on my gut. The whole reason I hate my body. That flap. I hate my measurement. SO, I won't post it today. I'm going to do it again first thing in the morning when I'm not bloated from 'that time of the month' and see if it is different. I need to post measurements anyway. Keep myself honest.

I also need to start doing cardio on my off days from Crossfit. I wanted to run today but I'm dizzy and feel puny. SO, I will study. Try to get through the rest of my quizzes for my exam on personal training.

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