Monday, February 1, 2010

I thought, "My trainer hates me"!

So I mastered the short box jump. I worked on it off and on. The box was sitting at the bottom of the steps so anytime I went up or down the stairs I was looking at it. This morning before going to my training session I did 10 jumps. Yeah. Full jumps. So that made me happy.

I also went to class on Friday night. Our Ladies Night Class which I love. It was like driving up to a torture chamber. I just really wasn't feeling it and I had both of my girls with me who HAD NOT taken naps. While they did OK it was not their best performance ever.

Friday 1-29-10

Warm UP

Row 500m

1 rope climb (or rings)

29 GHD Sit Ups

66 walking lunges

Work out: The HOOV 4RDS(rounds)

11 Hang Power Cleans

11 Overhead Squats

11 Rack to Over-Head (via press, push, jerk)

11 V is for Burpee

For Time, mine was 17:28

I was smoked but it was SO worth going.

Sat and Sun I didn't do anything other than work on Box jumps. I worked out again with Amy today. At one point in the work out I was thinking "I think she hates me!" LOL, I almost asked BUT I didn't have the breath to get it out.

Today is like a blur! I rowed 500m and then worked on some pull ups, dips and cleans with a med ball, oh and some work on the rings. The only thing that stick out in my mind is the heinous amount of TRUE GHD sit ups I did. I did them, true to form today. It was scary letting myself fall back to touch the floor but I did it. I don't know how many exactly but 3 rounds on it was enough to push me into muscle failure on the last 2. I remember muttering "help" on the last two I got to a lateral position and couldn't seem to budge...funny NOW, not then. OH and kettle bell swings! OMG! 20sec on 10 sec off for 8 rounds! I was thrusting (I guess that's what you call it) a 26lb kettle bell to the height of my head or more. It's really amazing what a person can push their body to do. Had someone ever said, "Hey by the way one day you'll be doing these GHD sit ups and burpees with pull ups til you puke and love every minute!" I would have laughed and said there was NO WAY! But, I'm doing it. I might hate it at the time but I love it right after. There is nothing better than proving myself wrong and showing me just how much more strong and driven I am.

So, yes I'm a Crossfit Nerd. I think I'll buy the "Crossfit, its just a workout" t-shirt.

P.S. My trainer sent me an email tonight telling me she is proud of how hard I push myself and loves that I want her to train me! I'm going to make this girl/woman proud!

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