Thursday, January 31, 2013

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

I have heard a great deal about apple cider vinegar lately and all the health benefits that can be experienced from adding it to your daily regimen.  Yesterday we got our supplement order from probably my favorite place to get all our supplements, and we started the addition of organic apple cider vinegar.  We dilute about a tsp in some water with a small amount of local honey (which we have added to try to eliminate our allergies) add some ice, stir and sip.  I'm shooting for twice a day, maybe 3 times for some of us.  I truly thought the girls would balk when I handed them their cups last night however to my great surprise they both happily sipped theirs and talked about how it tasted like wine.  I can't say that is what I thought mine tasted like however I humored them and didn't even have to encourage them to finish it.  The littlest just finished her glass of it this morning, happily took it and drank it.  This morning she described it as being 'like wine, maybe apple cider with a little bit of that vinegar like you put on salad'.  I guess it shocks me that with that description, she drinks it.  Hey, I won't complain.  I think Jason is having the hardest time with it.  We also started to add trace minerals to our 'diet' (hate that word, to our daily food intake) and brewers yeast to our 2 dogs' food.  Healthy, healthy, healthy all the way around in this house. 

In order to prep myself for the upcoming surgery I am adding in extra cardio, going back to some of my MMA fighting workouts.  Today I hit some interval sprints on the treadmill, interval sprints on the bike, and then hit the stairmaster.  After that I did a CrossFit 8 minute burner of something I haven't done in a long, long time...Overhead Squats.  Considering I've been out of lifting since November because of my knee it was humbling today to see just how much strength I had lost there and stability.  But, on the positive side I did 30 OHS ass to grass, and 150 double unders and my knee didn't stop me.  So, that seems to be on the up and up so long as I am careful. 

It's off to do some house work which I mostly detest.  Laundry, dusting, and vacuuming.  Be well. 

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