Friday, February 1, 2013

 Here is to honesty, integrity, and personal courage.  These are my 'OH DEAR GOD I cannot believe I took these and am putting them up for the world to see' pictures.
But, I said I would and it is important for me because if I help one woman or man, somewhere, sometime, well...then that's all I hope to do.

Me with my gym capri's on.  Thank GOD for wide banded capris!
 Photo 2:  The real deal skin flap.  Six pregnancy's, and 2 glorious baby's later.  (I am 5 years post-postpartum here).
 Photo 3: the other side.
 Photo 4: head on shot of stomach flap/skin flap
Again, OMG I cannot believe I took this picture.
 Photo 5:  I took this pic one day just a few weeks ago to remind myself I work VERY hard to have the body I do.  I have brought myself from a size 16-18 to an 8/10 depending on the brand and style and cut of jean.  I needed photo proof of the muscles and avoidance of the flap just below where the dresser cuts me off.
Photo 6:  This is me in my everyday gear.  Sweatshirt, glasses, and my headband.  I LOVE my headbands!

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  1. You fixed it!!!!! I am so excited for you and can't wait to see after pics! You worked so hard for this!
    Angie D