Friday, January 22, 2010

Make me GO

So, I'm writing this because if I put it in type I will be less likely to back out and not do what I'm about to put down.

The Crossfit gym I go to has started a ladies night. I now have the ability to go tonight and if I write this I will make myself go! I need to go otherwise I will have done nothing today! NOTHING! Well nothing besides wrangle kids, pick up a girlfriend from the airport and get pics taken for my 2 year old at Sears. THAT was a nightmare. Maybe I should go just to work out all my frustrations from that high pressure sales event that was supposed to be a fun photo shoot! FOR A TWO YEAR OLD!!!

Oh, and yesterday I finalized all the paperwork in order for me to start my ISSA Master Trainer Certs! YEAH! My books should be here soon. Hello future!

So, I'm going tonight. I'M going TONIGHT! I NEED to go tonight! I will go tonight. I need to be sleek and fit and toned and healthy. I'm going.

I'll check in later.

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