Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I made myself go last night. I will say I hesitated all the way up to the point of walking in the door, but once in I felt great.

We warmed up with
4 Rounds
10 GHT sit ups
12 back extensions
14 PVC thrusters

100 Burpee Pull Ups for time

So at 20 mins the trainer stopped us if we hadn't made it to 100. I was at 80. I walked away and within two mins decided there was NO way I could live with myself if I didn't finish the 100. So I went back! I finished the last 20 in 5 mins and some change for a total time of 25:26 I do believe!!!!

It was pretty amazing to realize I COULD do that many. I didn't in a million years think I would be able to when I started out. What's even cooler is that my body is getting used to the movements required in the pull up and I didn't find myself at failure there the entire time! It felt good and controlled. Like my muscles remembered what they were supposed to be doing. Pretty sure my chin cleared the bar almost every time (granted still using the box and getting used to it).

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