Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Is it possible to hate an inanimate object so much? I think so. I got to try box jumps for the first time today and as I'm sure can see I HATE box jumps! I think its a mental block, something not connecting...something freaking me out. I don't know but there is something intimidating and frustrating to me about jumping up on a box. I think I even got the shortest box. I don't' know how people do it. Granted I DID it, not perfectly or even pretty-ly but I did it and then guess what?!

My trainer, yeah she sent me home with 'the box'! It's my homework. SO I loaded it up in the car and away I went. I can't even think about jumping on that thing right now. I will! Don't you worry because I HAVE to master it come hell or high water, that's just the way I am programmed. Give me a challenge and I'll do it or die trying. Sigh...the box is in my car and needs to come out. I will get it after nap. This is my quiet reflection time. No more thinking about that thing in my car. For a while anyway.

SO my WOD was CHRISTINE. It was brutal and there is a terrible pic of me busting my you know what on dead lifts. Not flattering but you KNOW when you look at it that I am working hard! LOL...its terrible

I started the workout with 500m row, PVC pull through, planks and p/u.

Then Christine.

3 Rounds for time

500m row at a 2:20pace

12Body weight dead lifts (didn't do body weight)lol

21 box jumps

Then my lovely trainer was kind enough to prescribe 100 sit ups! I love her, I hate my gut... so all is well.

Today I did find myself wondering about half way through sit ups if anyone ever would dare to tell her they 'couldn't' or 'wouldn't' or they were 'done'! I can't ever see myself having the nerve. She scares really but if you saw her you'd know. She has an amazing rock hard body, not something you'd mess with! Or, at least not me.

I then hung out to learn more about the kipping pull up method. Once my shoulder is back to 'normal' I'll be busting my hump on that. BUT, for now...

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