Monday, January 18, 2010


So today is day 3 at the gym with my trainer. I got up and out of bed. My daughters were both home today because of the holiday. I didn't want to go. I wanted to sleep but I got up.

The girls had a great time. My 5 year old walks in and said "This doesn't look like a gym". Ha! I was smoked.

We started out with 500 m row and then pvc pipe arm stretches on to dips. I hate dips my triceps suck and are killing me! But I dipped over and over. I've learned not to count. The number can dissuade me from doing more. Then I did straight arm hangs since I'm not strong enough to dip my entire body! I hit muscle failure so fast! I should have triceps of steel when I'm done. I better.

Then we moved on to the workout of the day. I got to do Clean Jerks today! What am amazing thing! I feel so rockin' when I do those. My trainer loaded a bar with 35 lbs and away I went! I love love love that exercise! It's such a powerful move!

So this was the AMRAP for today:

3 Clean Jerks
3 pull ups
6 push ups
9 air squats
3 pull ups
6 push ups
9 air squats
Start OVER
For record as many reps as possible in 20 mins

I did 5 full reps and almost completed the 6th set
Not bad for a beginner like me.

It took me all day Sat and Sun to recover from the brutal beating I got there on Friday. I'll be interested to see how I feel in 24 hours. I hit muscle failure in my tri's and the rest of me felt like I wanted to throw up. But its such an amazing feeling and sense of accomplishment when you are done.

I'm slowly on my way to my Level one cert!

Can't wait to show my hubby my clean and jerk!

Off to shower.

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