Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm sad. I didn't work out Sat or Sun in an attempt to recover and recoup. Well come Monday morning my 2 year old still wasn't over whatever was plaguing her. Some weird skin rash, so I called in to reschedule my training session for Tuesday.

Then tonight on my way to collect Girl Scout Cookie orders I wrenched my shoulder attempting to remove my 2 year old from her car seat. It has taken several hours, several Motrin, a soak in Epsom Salts and Aspercreme to make it so I can type. I can't lift my arm to my side or move to far forward or backward with it.

I'm irked cause this might set me back a few more days and not to mention my hubby, yeah I don't have his help right now! My neighbor, God bless her, offered to help me wipe my ass if it came to that as it is my right hand! far not needing assistance in that area. Thank Goodness!

So I did soak in Epsom salts and now for some reason I feel like I coated my mouth with that normal?

Well off to relax for a bit and hope I can fall asleep in some position. Think I'll be going to have a doc check this out as pain in this should is normal for me after a work out, but this kind of pain! The make me sick to my stomach and want to cry pain, NOT normal.

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