Friday, January 15, 2010

My misadventures starting crossfit

So, I'm doing it. I need a change.

I hit a plateau and my body was stuck. Stuck in a rut I didn't like and I couldn't get out of. So, now it's Crossfit for me! Yep, I jumped in with both feet!

I heard it's murder, 'those' people weren't lying! I found a gym close by and away I went. Wednesday was my first meeting with a personal trainer.

She kicked my ass, killed my legs and my triceps are still screaming. BUT, I went back. I signed up for 10 personal training sessions with the woman who said that she'd make me 'hate her'. I thought no way, I'm here to get motivated and kicked in the rear. I went back today for my first session and I am just as sore as I was when I walked in. She might be right I might hate her. But for now I'm taking motrin and going slow. Slow up and down steps. All my movements are slow and it feels good. My body is screaming in pain which means I'm alive right?

In 30 mins she smoked me! Completely and totally smoked me!

So, this, my blog, is going to be about my adventures with getting my body over the plateau it's found to be comfortable in. About getting fit the Crossfit way. And not dying in the process. I will post before pics and measurements soon.

I just ask for you to keep me honest and motivated.

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