Thursday, January 21, 2010

No gym today

Well, no workout at the gym today so I decided to drag myself out since the weather isn't so bad today. The sun peeks out every now and then and I figured with the right amount of layers my daughter would be good in the stroller. So I did interval training for 4.2 miles with a jogging stroller. I'd love to know how much weight I'm pushing, I know it is ALOT! A few weeks of this and I should be able to smoke a run sans the stroller.

So I am sore, but nothing like the first week of Crossfit. I feel stronger and like I have better posture. I noticed the other day I was lugging my nearly two year old around with one arm and it felt SO EASY! And I thought...hmmm...that's new!

So much for today. For fun I might find myself on the WII later tonight, challenge my 5 year old or something. For now I'm going to drink my Quad Shot No Room Grande Americano and relax. Oh and I have to redo the music on my MP3 player. I need consistent songs with a running beat. Nothing slow, hardcore all the way or I will stop running!

P.S. Shame on me, I ate 2/3 of a chocolate chocolate cookie left over from Panera. It was SO delicious but SO not on my regimen for food....but I said it! I did eat it. Go ahead beat me up please!

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