Saturday, February 16, 2013

Skating and Homework

We arrived safely in Q town and have immersed ourselves in family and now homework.  J is working on pulling out a double-master's before we leave our 13 year stint in the Army for something bigger, better, and more challenging.  I am just trying to get a Master's in the Science of Fitness and Nutrition to simply reduce having to drop $100's each year renewing certifications through various personal training organizations.  Why I chose a program with a Science emphasis is beyond me, but I'm in my second term and second class, this one is Motor Control and Learning.  I have found through online school that I learn faster and enjoy learning more when I do it in a classroom where I can have hands on and actual verbal discussion. 

Right now we are sitting at the local Panera and working on our classes.  I have a paper due this week but thankfully not another one for a few weeks.  I hope it all works out with the upcoming surgery.

I will quit procrastinating and finish my 1 page paper (which J gives me crap for complaining about) in just a minute.  I needed a break. 

Since the last visit to the doc I have noticed my little 4 person family becoming more open to touching and talking about my beloved (ha) skin flap.  J for the first time verbally in front of me referred to it as 'gross', which he never would have done if I weren't having it removed so that is kind of him...ha ha ha....however I agree.  I think it's gross and I'm tired of tucking it in my pants!

My eldest is afraid I won't be soft when she hugs me anymore, that I will be hard like a board.  My youngest is unphased by it right now.  I am sure her apprehension and concern will come when I have a scar and have to walk bent over for weeks and have drains hanging out of me.  I'll take her lack of concern right now in stride because she is a panic prone child and quick to cry if Mommy simply doesn't feel well. 

I'm excited to see if there is a difference in how my clothes fit.  I feel ready and more comfortable with each passing day. 

OK OK off to finish this paper.  Muscle memory here I come. 

P.S.  The skating, the skating...we went skating as a family with a few of my nieces and my wonderful Sis-in-law last night! It was great. I love to skate and my knee help up...felt like I had to explain the reference to skating in my title

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