Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back in the gym

So, I'm finally back in the gym.  Felt like too long from Saturday to Wednesday.  I hit the bike for a 15 minute burner and then went to do a WOD.  I did a 5 min AMRAP, rowed 500m and then decided to go hit the StairMaster.  I'm trying to trim up my legs from being a power lifter, I really held on to the muscle longer than I expected and what went away was kindly replaced with fat, cellulite, yuckiness.  So, I'm going to be doing more machine cardio than I ever care to, but...I know it works! So after 25 mins. and 75.3 flights of stairs on the StairMaster I went and did some core specific work and decided to call it a day.  Mentally, I just wasn't into it today.  I wanted to get some lifts in but just couldn't force myself.   I have decided to get back in to mobility.

My client tried to call and cancel on me today.  My response, "Where is your office?".  My next response to her was "No, I'm not at the hospital, however I am going to come there and find you and then make you do burpees!  I'll follow you around like your worst nightmare!".  Needless to say she will be here for training tonight!  Tough love.

Got an email from the Plastic Surgeons RN today, which I love!  They communicate with me better than ANY other doc I have ever had.  She just called to verify that I am going to use the doc for my surgery and not the resident ($2000 off the price if I used the resident, however I loved the doc!), and to let me know that I would need to stop all my supplements sans the multivitamin 10 days pre-op.  We briefly chatted as she is the doctor's RN and is herself getting a tummy tuck just short of 2 weeks before me, I have to say that she is also a factor in my decision to stick with the doc and not go with a resident. 

Well, off to finish my broth based broccoli and cheese soup, laundry, vacuuming, and homework.  Not sure I'm sold on this class I'm taking, but not sure I have a choice lol

Eat Well! 

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