Thursday, February 28, 2013

Anti-juicing and 6 days and counting

So, if you don't know me very well you won't know I am anti-juicing.  (Juicing with a machine, extracting the juice from fruits and veggies).  Why?  Well not too long ago a mentor and wise man said that people may want to default to juicing however you have to be careful to not over consume calories as it would be easy to do.  If you sat on a plate everything you would put in a juicer to drink, would you sit down and eat all that food in one sitting?  Very valid points I believe. 
Hamilton Beach Juicer

But, we all have moments I believe (at least those of us whose jobs involve nutrition, supplementation, and exercise mixed with the above) where we question everything, test everything, just to see what will happen.  So, I bought a juicer.  Thank you Amazon.  Thank you Hamilton Beach.  The reason I decided to go with a juicer is purely because I will be laid up for so long and I do not want to subsist on crackers alone.  I want to pack my body with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that will help me recover as fast as possible, as well as ease constipation.  I am taking a stool softener, however I am still nervous about the first...uh MOVEMENT after surgery, much like I was nervous each time just post having a baby. 

J also reminded me of an awesome documentary we saw called "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead".  If you haven't seen it, it is so worth every minute of your time and is related to juicing. 
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

So, got the juicer tonight and washed it and gave it a test run post dinner.  I made a green lemonade.  Sounded gross...but believe it or not wasn't.  It was 2 apples, 1/2 lemon, 2 cups baby spinach, 1 c cucumber ( I think that's it).  We all took a sip, and everyone liked it.  We made a few others by just chucking in stuff that didn't go over as well.  Think I'll stick to recipes for now.  I feel so full.  That glass of juice was like swallowing a brick.  I'll be full 'til the morning.

I don't intend to make this a new way of life for me, but will give it a shot off and on for a few weeks.  Worse case I sell the thing. 

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