Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines/ Pre-op Day

So we made it to Columbia, I got my not on the menu Sopa de Pollo and chunky guacamole! I'm happy today is my off day from the gym my whole body aches! I think I over did it on my knee yesterday too :-(.

I took my pre-op day photos. Feeling a little bloated considering the time of the month. I'm really ready to not have that flap. This past week I was doing double unders and push presses only to have my skin flap pop out mid-double unders and mid push presses! Talk about humiliating!!!

We arrived at the hospital and after much confusion over where we were supposed to go we found the correct area. The receptionist was really friendly and helpful. We swiped my husbands debit card only to immediately find out it was declined. What we forgot to take into account was the spending limit was set at $2500. So J went and fixed the bank/ financial issue while the girls hung out in the children's play room. I'm now waiting to be called back to get started. Feeling really apprehensive. I hate hospitals, everything I do in life is prep work to keep me out of places like this. Ugh! Thankfully this isn't the location of the surgery.

So it all went well. I'm good to go. Have to order 2 garments. They are actually crotchless girdles to wear. I saw the doc and the nurse today. I got palpated and prodded. Only time in my life I've let anyone touch that 'thing'!

12 days! Now to just keep the cardio up and injuries down!!!

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