Thursday, February 21, 2013

ICE and homework

So, I started working toward my Master's in December and am in my second class which goes through my surgery.  I have a tough professor who is a stickler for details so I hope I can pull this off while I am laid up.  Fortunately for me the weather has cancelled school and work all around today so we are all at home.  I plan to use this time to get at least one week ahead in my forum posts so as to make life easier, if the material just wasn't so boring...the math side of it loses me so quickly.
UPS just came despite the ice and dropped off my super sexy Marena girdle garments.  Now all I have to do is get to medical supply to pick up my 4 wheeled Rollator (aka walker) to help me get back and forth across the house. 

Time to quit procrastinating and get some school work done.

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