Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tight ass, needles, and 2XL

Today has been a day! Started with finding out we are getting out of the Army in 9 months. Enough time to get my Masters and Jason a double masters. It's time too...we got hosed so its time to go and write a book about it! Exposé everyone for all their crap!

Then I went to an Amazing PT doc today for an eval on my knee. Something I have been putting off for months, fearful of the results. She let me know all my problems stem from my tight ass! LITERALLY!!! How funny! Jason has always called me a tight ass and yes I'm known to be cheap. Funny stuff. So she did some needle point therapy and prescribed, get this stretching and mobility!!! So happy it's nothing serious.

Oh! And last night I ordered my super sexy garments aka my girdles for post surgery. You have to plug in your waist and hips and thigh measurements. My waist was 35", hips 41", thigh 21" and it came back telling me I needed a 2XL girdle!!! Yes a 2XL!!! I'm like a 30" waist in jeans! I have an ass (tight one at that I found out today lol). Stupid thing! So I talked to the nurse and she assured me all would be fine, hers was a 1x and she said she almost cried. So I ordered two 2xl girdles...hope those suckers fit! I will not define myself by a number :)

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