Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Then and Now

So tomorrow is going to be hectic.  We have to get one child off to school long enough so she can hand out her Valentines and while she is doing that we will be packing the truck.  At the same time  my lovely husband has to go to work for a few hours and then take the dogs to the boarders.  Normally we would take our pups with us but we decided to give ourselves a little break and be able to move more freely around our home town, not everyone loves our babies as much as we do?!
We have to be on the road by 10am so we won't have a minute to spare.  We plan to eat lunch (at what we think is the best Tex-Mex/Mexican food joint we can find around here...I want the Sopa de Tortilla sans tortillas just chicken mmmmm...) , go to my pre-op appointment, and then drive the remaining 2 hours to our hometown. 

I'm really excited to see what tomorrow brings.  In the meantime I've been going back through pics and reminding myself where I came from and all the work I have done to get where I am at today.

Here I am right before I got pregnant.

This is a pic when my eldest was 2 yrs old, she would look at that pic and tell me, "Mommy I want you to look like that again!"  That used to make me sad and feel guilty. I'm wearing Old Navy jeans that are a size 10.  I kept them as 'the jeans' to be able to get back into.  Then once they were too big, I passed them on as inspiration pants.  I now look at this and think, where is my muscle?  LOL

 Here we are the day she was born.  Oh man!  She was only 5#'s and I was well over 200#'s. (In my defense I was per-eclampitic and was induced 4 weeks early, HOWEVER I am the reason I had per-eclampsia I am sure!  We ate like CRAP) I was a size 16/18 for quite some time after this pregnancy.
Here we are again.  WOW!  We still had a long ways to go. 
And lastly, here we are today.  I don't even recognize our old selves...thankfully!

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