Saturday, March 2, 2013

Books, books, and more books

It's about 4-1/2 days to surgery and I couldn't be more ready.  The nerves haven't set in like last time, however I am also steering clear of the weather channel.  Snow won't hold me back again, my new mantra.  We will go up Wednesday night and stay in a hotel since my surgery is now scheduled for 6 a.m. 

In the meantime I have been putting together a stack of books to read on my coffee table next to the recliner in the living room.  So far I have How to Be an American Housewife, which I am already more than half-way through.
I started The Last Town on Earth this past week and couldn't put it down, so I made myself in order to finish the first book I started.  I'm ashamed to say it's been a while since I read for pleasure, so I am looking forward to getting plenty of time to do that.  Between all these books and being only half-way through my term for Motor Control I'll have plenty of reading and homework to do.  

All I have left to do is to pick up my rollator (4 wheeled walker) and I should be set. 

Just 4 more workouts and I'll be without my ever frustrating skin flap.  It came out to bite me again today, so I'm more than excited to have it gone.  At the gym, I was doing a CrossFit WOD named Diane 21-15-9 dead lifts and HSPU (hand-stand-push-ups) and it was on my (modified off a GHD machine) HSPU's that my shirt came up and my flap came out.  Humiliating!  I am not the only one in the gym and being one of the ONLY women in there who does a WOD I get plenty of interested individuals, interested in CF or the specific movements that I do.  So, there's nothing like tearing through a WOD and just really getting a momentum and then having that shit come spilling out of my pants.  I'm soooo ready to not have to face the skin anymore.

Well, ok...enough procrastinating...I have another week of homework that I could get done so I'm not thinking about it all week.

Eat Well!

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