Monday, March 25, 2013

100% Honesty

So, I started blogging about my TT so that others considering what I had considered for 5 years would have somewhere to go for TRUE no bull shit information on everything that goes on from start to finish of the entire TT process.  So, in the effort of being blatantly honest here is something I did not expect...I am finally able to completely shower myself.  Jason has showered me, I have used a 5 gallon bucket and hose tub bath.   I use Ivory soap and wash cloths or just my hand to clean myself.  So, here goes...last night as I am showering myself BY MYSELF for the first time I reached around to wash my back side and I feel something that feels like sticky, wet, balled up toilet paper from just above my anus to the top of my arse crack...and yes this girl sports an ass.  I am a lifter and a CrossFitter.  SO, you can imagine my shock, disgust, and concern when I felt this strange substance.  I immediately look at it and it looks like dead skin.  I then yell at my husband to come quick, he look, inspects it and agrees it's just dead skin that has collected there.  I come to realize that last night was the first time I was able to relax my ass enough and reach around enough to find these glorious pills of dead skin in my ass. 

Yep, there you have it another glorious side effect of a TT. 

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