Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 3

Woke up with a migraine that I went to bed with. Pain pills aren't even touching it. I'm also sound and light sensitive :(. So I'm taking sinus meds and trying to loosen up my nasal passages that feel like they've been filled with cement. Oh what fun!!!

Just took my first round of pills for the day, sitting around on my ever faithful recliner, hoping the headache goes away and that I manage a bowl movement. Have plenty of painful gas rolling around in my guts. Here's to sitting on my ass again today!

Also check out the pimp fly walker designs my girlfriend sent me!

And lastly the amazing veggie juice my loving hubby made for me! Have I mentioned how much of a help he has been? Getting me to and from the bathroom, and yep wiping my ass! Making me all my juices and wrangling the kids and dogs. What a man!!! Not to mention moving the recliner from living to bedroom every night and back again in the am...

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