Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I have no clue what I did to myself last night, my only guess was that in trying to strip my drainage tubes (tubes that are attached from my pelvic area) I pulled on one too hard or moved it just right to affect the area it is attached to.  I went to be in some pain and woke up feeling OK.  However, by the time I made it to the restroom and then to my chair I was in so much pain I couldn't even speak.  The use and projection of my voice hurt my core.

I WILL SAY if I have learned NOTHING ELSE...you use your CORE for everything.  I know as a trainer it is key in body stabilization and you need it in so many areas in the gym.  However, I never thought about it's engagement in talking, yelling, projecting my voice, sitting up and getting out of a chair.  So many little areas in life I have taken for granted the use of my core.  Yep, even wiping your gluteus in the restroom requires the use of your core and oblique's as you twist and turn. 

After I ate a quick protein pancake I took my pills and laid back in the recliner hoping for some reprieve after Jason drained my tubes.  I'm now veg'ing out to The Millionaire Matchmaker, something I never would have wasted my time on before.  I have been logging many hours with House Hunters International, Giadia at Home, and of course Duck Dynasty (guilty pleasure courtesy of April dear). 

Off to explore my options for a career in Naturopathic medicine as well as my Master's in Sport and Health Science.

If you're looking for some really good info check out my new favorite site, www.undergroundwellness.com and please don't judge me if I repeat myself, ha ha ha, drugs...yah they do crazy things to the brain.

Peace out Yo!  As Charlee says.

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