Sunday, March 17, 2013

Prepare yourself for a little gore PICTURES at LAST

Last night I made myself shower again, not because I needed it mind you, but because I figure the only was I'm going to get even kind of used to my scar and not having my girdle on is to take it all off and sit in the shower. 

So, I let him take my girdle off and I got in the shower.  I sat on the seat and just let the water run over me.  I was shaking, shaking from anticipation and fear of the unknown.  Was it going to hurt?  Were my stitches going to fail?  Little stupid things.  But I did it.  I showered and it actually felt good.  I won't look at my scar though.  It's still raw and scary and not far off from what Jason described, but I have no regrets!  I no longer have a flap of skin sagging or hanging on my thighs. 

I've watched a ton of movies, "Under the Tuscan Sun", "Beasts of the Southern Wild", tons of Giadia from the Food Network, House Hunters International (in order to figure out where we are going to go once we throw the deuces to Uncle Sam), and against my best judgement I allowed myself to indulge in Millionaire Matchmakers and LA Shrinks, and who knows what else in my drug educed stupor.  I can watch plenty of junk but I can't seem to concentrate on much.  Reading, words just blur together.  Jason just made me take pain killers cause things were starting to hurt, so my ability to type is dwindling. 

I'll catch you all as soon as I'm good, and post more pictures.

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