Thursday, March 28, 2013

3 weeks post-op

So, today is 3 weeks post-op!  In looking back over the last few days I have done quite a bit all by myself.  I have driven the truck, I have made dinner (omelets and asparagus), I can remove my own girdle (big deal as it was gagging me out originally), I have done just some regular Mom things too. 

I don't have an appt. to see the PS today, I'm going next week for my 1 month!  Can't wait.  I think the girdle I'm wearing is getting to be a little on the big side, which means my swelling is going down.  Can't wait to get a different girdle.  These things are high on the super-duper sexy list LET ME TELL YA!

Jason has a Cross Fit endurance certification this weekend so we will be spending it in a hotel.  Should be interesting as hotel life after our past summer isn't something I consider fun.  Girls are stoked to swim, I however can't swim and pretty sure I cannot even submerge myself so likely no hot tub (going to have to research that one again).  So, I'm thinking a movie. 

Well, off to load the girls up.  Think we will hit the library and who knows what else, options are limited here at Fort Lost in the Woods.

Oh!  And!  Jason is submitting his packet!  Can you say bring on civilian life?  I know I can!

Pictures to follow.  I'll take them this evening with some handy-dandy husband help so I get good angles and so you can see how much better it looks.  My baby C said it looks just like I'm bruised now, so I am pretty sure the scabs are mostly gone.

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