Friday, March 15, 2013

So, the drains

Yesterday we went to Columbia for my 1 week post op appointment.  I worked really hard all week to sit around and do nothing so that my drains wouldn't produce much swelling and the doc could remove them for me. 

We got to the hospital in plenty of time and I was thankful to find someone willing to give me a wheel chair.  Jason wheeled me to the Surgery clinic and we got right in.  A male doc I had never seen before came in with a nurse to get me situated and on the exam table.  That was terrifying momentarily because other than the day of surgery I HAD NOT allowed myself to lay back.  I have been living in a recliner.  So after laying me back my SUPER AWESOME SWEET nurse who should be nurse of the year came in and chatted with me.  She is 4 weeks post op and looked great.  She was sharing post op stories with me and some of the crazy things she found herself in. 

So both Doc's, mine and the male came back in.  Doc A, my doc agrees I can have my drains out as they were averaging like 5ml-3ml of fluid.  So we are talking and I'm asked if I took any pain pills.  I said No, because I wanted to be lucid and able to understand them and ask questions.  This, I soon came to find out was a STUPID idea.  Now, mind you I had to leave my darling husband and two girls in the waiting room.  Love them to death, but I wanted to make sure I heard everything and was able to ask any questions.  So, the docs removed all the tape and come to find out I have an allergy to tape adhesive, which explains my intense need to scratch all my skin under my girdle for the past week.  Doc A said my butterfly (?) strips holding the incision together looked just fine. 

On to the drains.  Here I am thinking I have maybe 1-2"of drain pipe inside my skin AT MOST, they cut the sutures holding the drains in place which was excruciating (but at this point EVERYTHING to do with these drains was tear inducing).  Everyone kept saying one deep breath in, blow out and they will be done.  Everyone being, my mom :)  Well, so they say ok, breath in, breath out and we will pull them out at the same time,  GUESS WHAT?  THOSE M'F'ing  drains NO SHIT went all the way my abdominal wall on BOTH sides and rested right about where my bra strap was across my mid section right underneath my breasts.  THAT WAS THE WORST, MOST NAUSEATING, STRESSFUL, HORRID, WRETCHED thing I have ever had done.  I was squeezing my dear nurses hand so hard.  I got super hot, and sweaty and not sure if I made a noise.  BUT IT HURT!

They fixed up the sights and got my new clean girdle on and I'm pretty sure that was that.  It took me a bit to recover from the trauma.  For future reference IF I EVER DO SOMEHTING LIKE THIS AGAIN ALWAYS go to the doc having taken a pain pill. 

We left the office with more prescriptions and headed on our way to where? Home you might guess?  Nope, Jimmy Johns.  Family had to eat.  I sat in car, took my pain killers and hugged a pillow for 2-1/2 hours.  That was a very stressful day.  I am truly learning just how badly a small amount of stress can affect a person.

Today has been good.  I tried to go the day without meds, Jason got mad and told me to quit soldiering up and take some drugs.  He then said he was glad he was going to be home for 2 more days to keep tabs on me.

Nurses prediction, I should be feeling pretty good by Sunday.  I have another follow up next Thursday, but have been cleared in the meantime to shower.  Not sure when I will...I'm a little scared.  But, soon.  Jason says tonight.  We shall see. 

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