Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spit bath

So my darling hubby set the bathroom up to give me a spit bath tonight.  He got the girls to bed and then helped me scrub myself top to tail.  THEN he got a new razor for just me today and shaved my legs!  They needed it so bad!  He joked afterward they lost several shades of color shaved. 

By the time I was clean I was shaking which is what my body tends to do when I have done just enough to be too much activity.  He helped me dress and then brought in the office chair so I could floss and brush my teeth and wash my face in the bathroom.  Man! OH MAN!  Did that bath and a clean shirt feel Amazing!

So, I'm off to drain my bulbs, take some more pain pills and call it a night after a cuppa Sleepytime Extra!
Sleepy Time Extra

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