Friday, March 22, 2013


Yep, I'm nervous.  It is my 2 week post surgery check up.  Jason drug a 5 gallon bucket into the bathroom so I could sit on it (positioned on a towel so it didn't slip) so I could wax my furry and expanding eye brows.  In the mean time I turned on my straightening iron on ironed my hair a bit so as to look like I had energy and now gave a shit about what I looked liked after almost 2 weeks in a recliner.  So, here is me plopped on couch ready for the 2 hour ride (note painting my Grandpa did of me on wall in background LOL)


So, we made it to Missouri University Hospital and Jason dropped me off at the door with C, my little 5 year old leading me in.  Thank GOD a nurse saw me all doubled over (seemed super worried that a woman was walking face down being led by a toddler) and so she was super helpful and got me this extra-large wheel-chair.  Something I noticed while I was there is these wheel-chairs are almost so large they don't fit through doorways! I didn't see a single NORMAL size wheel-chair. :(

Here is me all nervous (and drugged up, Jason after having my drains removed last week was worried about any trauma that may befall me today, so he had me take a pain killer and muscle relaxed prior to seeing the doc.  He was making fun of how relaxed my face was when he took this!  Look, sporting my Life As RX socks still!  My PS Resident who is handsome and I threatened to punch last week, (sorry man if you read this I still feel bad about that) and my Doc, Doc A came in and told me basically today is the day you stand.  I questioned them, yah as IF I know anything about it and tried.  I was so nervous I got up about 85% straight, got hot, sweaty and had to sit down. I tried again and then quit, we or I got nervous I may pass out.  Jason and Charlee were in there with us and Jason just kept saying how cool the incision was.  ANYWAY...funny story.  So Dr. A is just amazing and after I sat down I had to tell her this.  "So, Dr. A. I already told Kassie but I feel I need to tell you, and Doc (gesturing to the Resident) you'll have to forgive me cause you're a dude but you're in Plastics so I'm sure you'll expect worse.  Before my surgery because of the weight of the flap I felt like I had a frowny vagina (More like the skin above vagina, the PUBUS, that is the correct anatomical term) and NOW I look down and I'm like WOW I CAN SEE my vagina!  No more frowning!!!"...Doc A.  God love her was red, I am pretty sure the Resident blushed and Doc A pointed out I was blushing as well.  I just felt as though she deserved to know that that was ONE thing I had noticed almost right away.

So, Dr. A's orders no ointments or anything on the incision, let the butterfly strips fall off on their own and it will be about a year before I have the thin, white, incision line.  In the meantime it'll change some.  She also suggested I figure out a weight I'm happy at and not fluctuate a lot.  No crash dieting for fighting weights and be careful of the same if I wanted to compete for Figure or Body Building because the constant weight changes can lead to the stretching out of the skin again as we as women tend to hold our excess weight in the stomach and hips etc.

So, here is me as upright as I got yesterday standing outside La Terraza grill in Columbia.  I wanted some of their chicken soup and chunky guacamole.  I have had a serious decrease in appetite as my energy expenditure is way down but the soup tasted good even if I brought home 3/4 of it.

I have a 3 week and 4 week check up with Doc. A.  Especially if I can't get myself/make myself stand up 100%.  Although, today I walked around the house for about 20 minutes and did a few small things and it wore me the heck out.  Until tomorrow. 

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