Monday, March 25, 2013

Can you say too much????

I couldn't take it anymore today and I asked Jason to leave the truck so I could get out of the house.  I went up to Rolla, MO with the girls.  I figure the sitting and driving doesn't bother me, so I would just take it easy and hit a few stores that didn't/wouldn't require a ton of walking.  Went first to  Nature Girls Health Food Store as I needed some arrowroot powder to use in place of corn starch and Jason needed a new bar of soap since we have gone all "Granola Crunchy" and don't use products full of chemicals that aren't meant to be in or on our body.  It was a cute little store full of lots of goodies, and the owner/manager (didn't catch exactly her name or who she was, just assuming) gave my girls each a pear that 'tastes like candy'.  They loved it. 

I was feeling a little tired but really, REALLY wanted to go to Panera for lunch.  In my head I saw it as going in, ordering food, sitting down, enjoying a dinner.  What really happened...walked in to find that the line went to the door, in good faith I held on thinking it would be fast.  I dressed much warmer today than normal (hence the snow and ice outside) and quickly realized I was going to pay for that.  My long sleeves, jacket and winter coat about did me in, and while I'm waiting I am being quizzed by my girls 'can I have....' blah 'can I get a treat?'....blah...I'm sweating, my abs are hurting, I am losing my patience just wishing I had someone to lean on.  There didn't seem to be a person in line in front of me who had ever eaten at Panera before.  I had to beg the girls in a stern, don't mess with me way...let me be, I'll order the food YOU NOW HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF ME!  Do you see the sweat on my face?  It's not there 'cause I'm feeling good. 

Ordered the food only to have to guy taking my order not be able to hear me because the worker next to him was having a coughing fit.  YEAH...just what I want to see happen right in front of where my food is made.  Many people stepped back.  Oh, and I forgot to mention the elderly couple behind me, behind me so close I could smell their fabric softener, I could hear their every word "oooh that cheese babka looks good Bob".  I wanted to scream and die but I was committed at this point and not about to try to climb the mountain of getting the girls out without a scene etc...

Finally, got our food and sat down.  T was a huge help once she knew I was about to lose my mind in pain.  I took some Motrin and peeled off some layers of clothes.  I was a little over cautious I noticed about people getting close to me, moving too fast, and just being to close in general.  Thinking HOW do I protect my mid-section?  OMG all these people and un-ruly, on spring break kids are getting to close.  I wanted my 6'6" husband and natural protective barrier.  People just don't get close to him.

We ate, we relaxed and I felt better.  So I decided to go seek out the Naturopath in the area I had been asking about.  After a few missed attempts I ended up just where I needed to be, Kessinger Diagnostic Center.  I have been needing to have my hormones checked since this summer and asked my regular physician to do it for me.  They declined as I have a blood clotting disorder and said it didn't matter what my panel said no one would treat me.  SO, guess what?  I did a boat load of research, read a ton of books and found out that's just OLD SCHOOL.  Away from the Allopath for this and head to a Naturopath.  Considering my family history of hormonal imbalance, and how I felt this summer, coupled with some new things rearing their heads (crying, crying, crying and now sugar cravings with a few other random things) it's time to get tested.  It's an awesome location, great staff, and I'm ready to go back and get tested. 
Kessinger Diagnostic Center

Newest favorite book I'm reading and cannot put down?  "If Naturopaths are "Quacks"...Then I Must Be a Duck" by Shauna K. Young Link to book here.  Changed my life in just 2 days. 

And, that's that.  I am home.  I am exhausted and I have a boat load of homework.  Hope you are all well.  I will post my pictures from the day I removed the steri-strips soon.

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