Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I love my husband.

I must have the best husband in the entire world.  He has been making sure I'm up and in the recliner in the living room for going on two weeks.  He makes me whatever breakfast I'm feeling like (a juice or a protein pancake) and comes back for lunch, and makes sure there is dinner.  Oh, and it isn't just for me, it is for me, its for our two kids and our two dogs. 

NOT to mention he has done all the laundry, all the house cleaning, and all the cooking without a single complaint mind you!  What more could a girl ask for?  Oh, that's right, lastly a man who isn't above wiping my back side the first few days because I just wasn't capable.  I couldn't twist my body comfortably so he did the job.  Like he said, at this point we have 2 kids he has seen it all.  He will sit and stare at my incisions too when they are exposed.  He really thinks it's all pretty cool, especially the belly button.  Me, on the on the other hand, am glad I did it, don't want to stare at it. 

That is me standing at about a 45-90 degree angle today.  Steri-strips are still in place as are the belly button covers and my R side drain spot.  It's getting itchy so I'm sure that is a good sign.  Jason took that pic and he's all like "THAT IS SOOO COOL!"

And lastly, this is my home spot.  My brown recliner, my pillows, my two tables full of everything I need at my finger tips, my computer, and all the new crocheting stuff I am hoping to learn how to do soon.  Jason's on his way to get me out of this house.  He is taking me to Rolla to Panera!  What a big date!  But, hey it isn't my recliner!

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